About - The Concept

Indonesia International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business (IICIES) is an annual conference held by Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (CIEL SBM ITB). IICIES has always involved the three pillars in the process of technology commercialization and small business empowerment: academics, business, and government. Researches are focused on the areas of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, management of technology, leadership, and managing small business and start-up.

IICIES is a place for researchers, academics and practitioners to collaborate for the development of innovation, entrepreneurship and growth of small and medium businesses through publication of their works, inspiring talks, tailor-made workshops, and scientific discussions. First launched on 2009, IICIES has gathered numerous of international experts in the respective fields and thousands of multinational participants from all across the world.

The first year of IICIES held during 2009 in Bandung with theme of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business for Better Indonesia. On the second year, IICIES successfully held the international conference which carried out theme of Developing Technopreneurship and Entrepreneurial Small Business; a Key to Sustainable Future in UMN Campus, Tangerang. In 2011, IICIES was conducted the second time in Bandung. This third international conferences involved diverse entities within and outside the country according to its theme, Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship in the New Era. 4th IICIES was held in Ciputra University, Surabaya with theme of Developing & Collaborating in Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Pursue ASEAN Emerging Markets. Last year IICIES took place in Bandung under the theme of Empowering Small Businesses to Grow and Thrive in Global Market.

Held in several major cities in Indonesia, IICIES has another mission to introduce the vast potential of national talent, as well as the authentic beauty of the country. This year Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (CIEL), School of Business and Management (SBM), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) as the organizing committee of IICIES, has the same mission in developing the potential of the world of entrepreneurship, innovation and business owned by Indonesia, to become a global player. The foundation of the cooperation framework, goals and other technical aspects are arranged together to produce a successful event, on target and have a positive contribution to the advancement of the world of entrepreneurship, innovation and small business development in Indonesia. Therefore, IICIES 2016 will bring the topic of Social Impact of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the New Era of ASEAN Economic Community.